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Update: This page has been updated with new questions and answers.  You can send in your questions 1 of a few different ways. You can post it as a comment on this page, message us on Twitter (@SimpsonFever) or email us at Most of the questions have been answered by Jay unless there’s a ~Ieuan by them.

What is Simpson Fever?

Simpson Fever is a fan weblog about the very popular Fox show, The Simpsons. The website contains constantly updated news about the show, episodes, the cast, the network, etc.

Who makes this website?

I (Jay Last) created this website over a year ago alone. My friend John W. was my only co-worker for the first few months of the site’s production. When I decided to add a chatroom onto the site my friend, Francine Sanford built one for me. John and Francine do not visit the site much anymore so now I am accompanied by my co-admin Ieaun Bater, creator of Simpsonise.

Can I become an admin?

Unless somehow you can prove yourself that you know how to run a website, and you are a fan of the Simpsons. But currently all positions are filled.

Do you work for Fox?

No I do not, but I possibly will in a few years. I either plan to become a cartoonist or a film director.

Is this your only Simpsons blog?

No, my previous blog is sitting alone and cold somewhere on the internet. I no longer update it anymore.

Can you help me with my website?

I can’t be an admin of your website but you’re more than welcome to ask me questions. Send them to me at

Are you a boy or a girl?

Why does it matter? But if you must know I’m a boy. Ieuan’s a boy, John’s a boy, and Francine’s a girl.

Is Simpson Fever a popular website?

Depends on what you mean by “popular.” We’re currently around the 30,000 hit mark and it took us about a year and a half to reach it. We recieve an average of 90 views a day.

Do you get paid for making this website?

No. I’m just hoping I won’t have to pay FOX to make this website.

Is Simpson Fever on Twitter like Simpsons Channel and Simpson Crazy?

Yes we are, as a matter of fact we may have been the first of the “Simpsons fan site family” to create a Twitter account. We made it and haven’t used it for two months, and then when Twitter became popular, we started up tweeting. You can follow us at

Why have a Twitter account in the first place?

We feel it’s the easiest way to keep our viewers informed on what we’re doing to keep the site running. If you follow us not only will you get quick news on the show, but also exclusive site updates and info first. Follow us!

Are you affiliated with in any way?

No, although our names are a bit similar, I didn’t find until after I created Simpson Fever. But no, we don’t work together.

Where do you live?

I live in the US and that’s all I’ll say. I may release a specific location in the future.

What do you look like?

I’d rather not reveal my appearance. Not even in the future, so don’t count on it.

You’ve mentioned a Podcast before, is one coming?

I want to get one up and running for the start of season 21 but no promises.

Sometimes you say you’ll do stuff but don’t do it. Are you lazy or something?

I’m currently a student, believe it or not I actually have other things to do besides blog about The Simpsons, but I’ll try harder to get the work done for the site when I say I will.

There’s been some good content but they have been deleted?

Yes, this has happened and I don’t know why in most cases. The feature that has been requested to return was the Watch Episodes one, but Jay has recived C&D orders other those ~Ieuan

Yea, okay. But tell us about the other staff and staff changes?

We had two of Jay’s friends working here in 2008 but both quit in the summer. Francine came back in 2009 to moderate our chatbox but left again. I joined in November 2008 and we are getting a new member of staff, George, one of my cyberfriends joining September 2009. ~Ieuan

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