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Episode Review- Homer the Whopper

September 29, 2009

Miss this episode? Click on the image below to watch it.

everyman 1

Well, last night’s season 21 premiere of ‘Homer the Whopper’ was actually a bit of a disappointment, (in my opinion). Also by reading a few short reviews on Twitter by Simpsons fans, others did not seem to like it too much either. It was a bit predictable, The Simpsons have been doing the same thing for years and their act is getting a bit old. They should change things around so that viewers won’t be as bored. Just by looking at the promotional artwork for this episode you can pretty much predict that Homer becomes an actor and plays a superhero. The jokes were also the same for a typical Simpsons episode, moderately funny but not nearly laugh-out-loud funny like last night’s Family Guy episode was. Last night this episode scored a total of 8.21 million views ranking third in the Fox’s Animation Domination Sunday lineup. The season premieres of Family Guy and American Dad hit 10.17 million and 7.12 million, and the series premiere of the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show, hit the 8.42 million viewer mark, just ahead of The Simpsons.


Bart and Milhouse convince Comic Book Guy to publish a comic book he wrote titled Everyman, in which the title character can absorb superpowers from the characters of comic books he touches. The comic becomes an instant hit, and many Hollywood studios become interested in making it into a movie. Comic Book Guy agrees to let Everyman become a movie, but only if he can pick the star. When Comic Book Guy sees Homer, he considers Homer perfect for the role, as he wants Everyman to be played by a middle-aged fat man. But the studio executives realizes that audiences want a physically fit actor for the role, so they hire celebrity fitness trainer Lyle McCarthy to make Homer fit. After a month, Homer becomes fit and the movie begins production.

Soon afterward, however, McCarthy leaves Homer for another client. Without McCarthy to keep him fit, Homer starts eating again and gains all the weight back. Homer can no longer fit into his costume or even his trailer, and the movie begins to go over budget. The studio executives and Comic Book Guy worry that the film will not be successful. The final version of the movie features scenes with the fat Homer and the physically fit Homer merged together, upsetting the audience. After the premier of the film, McCarthy returns and offers to make Homer physically fit again, which Homer accepts. The studio executives offer to let Comic Book Guy direct the sequel, on the condition that Comic Book Guy lie to the fans and say he liked the film. Comic Book Guy rejects the offer and openly criticizes the movie online.

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