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Episode 434- In The Name of The Grandfather

March 22, 2009

     Hey guys I’m back with my first official post within the past few weeks! I apologize for my abstence, I’ve been busy with school work and I currently have a job filming music videos and that has been taking up much of my time.

Here is the promotional work for the new Simpsons episode “In the Name of the Grandfather”



The Simpsons family purchase a hot tub as a means to relax, yet in doing so forget they to visit Grampa at a family event. At the urging of Marge, Homer decides to make up for it. Abe reminisces about a pub in Dunkilderry, Ireland called O’Flanagan’s, where he claims to have had the best night of his life many years ago. Homer decides to take Abe there, but when the family arrive they realize Ireland has become a commercialized, hi-tech country of consumers and workaholics. The pub itself has run out of business as many of the patrons are now yuppies and have no interest in drinking. After a long night of drinking, Homer and Abe awaken to realize they have bought the pub from owner Tom O’Flanagan (guest voice Colm Meaney). They discover that pubs are no longer popular in Dunkilderry and they try to get their business going, with help from Moe, who arrives in Ireland. After finding out that smoking is illegal in Irish pubs, Moe urges the Simpsons to turn it into a smokeasy. They do a roaring trade, but are closed down by the Irish authorities. As a punishment, Chief Wiggum arrives to escort Homer and Grandpa back to America with a small fine as a punishment.

While this happens, Marge, Bart and Lisa first visit the Giant’s Causeway, where Marge chases after Bart and Lisa across the basalt columns in a parody of the Q*bert video game. They then visit the Blarney Stone, where Bart puts grey paint on his bottom and pretends to be the stone as people kiss it, but then an Irish parody of Nelson Muntz carves his initials onto it. They also visit the Guinness brewery, where Lisa discovers that the secret ingredient is “Bog Water” and Chocolate Sauce at the ratio of 50:50.

Episode no. 434
Prod. code LABF11
Orig. airdate March 17, 2009 (sky1)
March 22, 2009 (Fox)
Show runner(s) Al Jean
Written by Matt Marshall
Directed by Ralph Sosa
Chalkboard “Four leaf clovers are not mutant freaks”
Couch gag The family participate in a dog show, Bart wins and Homer attacks him.
Guest stars Colm Meaney
Glen Hansard
Markéta Irglová
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  1. Simpsonise Adminstator permalink
    March 22, 2009 9:57 am

    wow – recording music vids.

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