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Episode Review- Lisa the Drama Queen

January 27, 2009

 WOW, it’s been a while since I’ve wrote a review. With the three month mid-season pause and all. But now SF is back with more and more! Not to mention v4.0 is launching next sunday 😉 mark your calendars! Well to start off this review, let me just talk about Lisa’s new friend, Juliet. AS usual, when ever a guest star appears on the Simpsons ( as a kid ) they always make the character’s voice seem WAY too mature. In this episode, Emily Blunt guest starred as Juliet. Other than that minor setback the episode was pretty good. As usual it had good writing and a good plot. But it wasn’t the BEST episode I’ve seen so far in season 20. Leave your comments with what you thought of this episode.


If you missed this episode, follow this link to watch it!


In a rec centerr art class, Lisa meets an intelligent girl named Juliet, who also likes Josh Groban, and the two create a fantasy world that takes them away from reality. They deem the land “Equalia” where they are the queens and everybody is equal. However, Lisa soon becomes distracted in school after becoming obsessed with the imaginary land. After meeting Juliet’s family and seeing her disruptive behavior, Marge thinks Lisa’s friend might be troubled, so she forbids Lisa from ever seeing her again. Lisa becomes angry and runs away with Juliet to a run-down restaurant where they intend to carry out their plans for “ruling” Equalia, missing her UN Model meeting in the process. Martin contacts Marge, tells her, and she immedietely goes looking for Lisa, but cannot find her. Alas, bullies are using the restaurant as their hide-out, and trap Lisa and Juliet. The girls manage to escape by distracting Kearny with stories about Equalia. Dolph and Jimbo come, and try to destroy the girls’ manuscripts about Equalia, but Kearny stops them. Later, Juliet abandons Lisa, because Lisa wants to go back to the real world. At the end, Lisa enters her Equalia story to a publishing company, but is rejected. Homer is then prompted to make his own fantasy story, based on his life as a father, but can’t.

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