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The Simpsons have finally been released on iTunes!

December 26, 2008

  Ever since Apple released their iPod Classic, with the feature to purchase and download videos off of iTunes, people have been desperately e-mailing them to add more shows available for purchase. Last year, people had been begging for episodes of Family Guy and American Dad to be available on iTunes. When they were finally released,  iPod users still weren’t satisfied. They began to e-mail Apple and Fox about the Simpsons avilable for purchase too. People were craving the Simpsons to be on iTunes, and now that void has finally been filled.

  A few days ago, (December 17) The Simpsons celebrated their 20th anniversary, and I think that’s what iTunes has been waiting for to release these episodes. Apple recenly purchased season 20 of the Simpsons from Fox, and fans are still a little upset about not being able to buy more episodes. But it is to my knowledge that more episodes will be added soon. Every episode so far in season 20 has been released and more are sure to come. After only being available for a few days, to Simpsons episodes have already made the Top 10 Episodes list on the iTunes homepage. The first being Family Guy’s “Tales of a 3rd Grade Nothing”, “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” took second place, “Lost Verizon” in fourth, “Treehouse of Horror XIX” in seventh, and “Mypods and Broomsticks” in ninth place. I think the release of the Simpsons on iTunes is pretty ironic because of the fact that the episode, “Mypods & Broomsticks” just came out. 😉


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  1. December 29, 2008 11:45 pm

    wow this is ……………………..

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