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Ep. Review- The Burns and The Bees

December 10, 2008


 Sorry I didn’t post this review last Monday. I’ve been a little sick and kind of stressed out. I don’t have time to post the link to watch this episode online but I’ll prabably post it in the next few days. Our Christmas Kickback page has been delayed a few days from December 10th, to December 13th. We’ve been experiencing a few “bugs” lately but hopefully we’ll get it running soon. 


  I’m sorry but this episode was a little boring. I almost found myself falling asleep. Any episode that is mainly about Mr. Burns just bores me. Not to mention that this episode recived the lowest ratings of Season 20. 6.19 Million views is an okay score, but it isn’t the best. I also found this episode not to be funny at all. But I really enjoyed the Christmas intro that they added. Although it confused me a little since this episode had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.  Hopefully we can expect more from the Simpsons in 2009.

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