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Meh: Simpsons Word Made Offical

November 20, 2008

Hello, it’s Ieuan again (click here to see see my posts from Jay’s)

The word “Meh” recently entered Collins English Dictionary, 

If you’re a teenager of the naughties, a phrase like “meh” might seem like second nature to you. But the popular expression of indifference or boredom has earned a place in the 30th edition of the Collins English Dictionary, according to media reports.

The term is actually believed to be derived from an episode of The Simpsons, in which Homer suggests taking the family on a fieldtrip, to which Bart and Lisa both respond “meh”, instead continuing to watch television.

It has since spread through the internet and has worked its way into common usage.

The dictionary’s publisher HarperCollins called for the public to submit words that were in common conversational usage but not in the English dictionary, to which the word “meh” was received as the biggest response.

“Meh” beat words such as “frenemy”, an enemy who pretends to be a friend, “huggles”, a combination of a hug and a snuggle and “jargonaut”, meaning someone who excessively creates new words, to be included.

I will post a reminder of Sunday’s ep on Saturday and the ratings on Tuesday. I might be posting here a lot still because Jay has started a new blog, which he may want to work on. 

Source: Simpsons Channel
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