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FANCAST- the easiest way to watch TV online!

November 13, 2008

banner_11        Hey Simpsons fans!

I probably know why you’re visiting this Simpsons fan blog. It’s because you’re a Simpsons fan of course! But I also know that you enjoy watching other shows besides the Simpsons. Do you like Family Guy, Prison Break, Bones, or South Park? What about House, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, or Ugly Betty? Well if you do then we know a website where you can watch all of these great shows and more for FREE! It’s called, FANCAST. Fancast is a website where watching your favorite TV shows online becomes as easy as picking up a remote and changing the channel. Fancast includes-

  • Full TV episodes – streaming and free
  • Full Length Movies
  • Movie Trailers
  • Television Clips from popular shows
  • And even a store where you can purchase movies to download and own!

       I spent hours watching television episodes on Fancast that I’ve never before seen or that I’ve missed. Go ahead and try it out! You can also leave a comment on Simpson Fever saying what you thought of Fancast. We might also be using it for our watch episode links in the future. Below is the link and a screen shot of


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  1. November 17, 2008 3:00 am

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out to Fancast. As you noted,we have literally thousands of hours of free tv (moves too, by the way) in every category including animation, sci fi, sit com, drama, news and reality, and from every major network, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, WB, Comedy Central – even pay channels like Showtime, Starz and HBO. Our TV library is at and movies at
    Jim (for Fancast)

  2. August 19, 2009 7:23 am

    I – watch tv onlinealot, lol some of my favorites are youtube. What are places
    can I watch tv online.

    Is it legal for me to have explained here?, and bank accounts? How to start? Can I move my existing business offshore


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