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Episode 426 – “Homer & Lisa Exchange Cross Words”

November 9, 2008


Hello again, okay – let’s have another test post.

Next week, 16 November, a brand new episode, Homer & Lisa Exchange Cross Words airs.

Lisa discovers the next big thing, crossword puzzles and soon becomes a champion. When Homer’s latest money making scheme goes west, he decides to bet on the crossword tournement. It’s another Lisa and Homer break up, Homer bets on the oppisition and Lisa finds out.

Could this be the end of their of the Simpsons now heartbroken relationship?

Unlike last week, we have some celebs – Mark Reagle, the creator of crosswords and Will Shortz, the crossword editor of crosswords for the New York Times – and of course, as seen above – a promotional image.

Jay’ll give you the ratings and full plot of tonight’s episode, “Dangerous Curves” tommorow. Meanwhile in Britain next week, Sex, Pies & Idiot Scrapes airs.

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