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New Features! – and problems with “bugs”

July 18, 2008

    Well, most of you have probably been noticing the features around the blog! To name a few there’s our brand new design and a few new pages! Some of you remember “Extra Junk” and the games that were posted on there. Well they were becoming very popular so we gave the games their own page! Here are some of the new features we are currently installing.

  • Games Page (not yet perfected)
  • Watch Full Episodes Page ( EVERY episode will be up and running by August 10th)
  • General Dissgusion – chat with other Simpsons fans worldwide! (moderated)
  • Get the “wordpress” out of

   All of these features will be up and running before September. Now I’d like to take some time to talk about bugs. I’m not talking about ants or beetles. We webmasters like to call problems bugs. So if you hear a guy say, ” my website had to many bugs so I had to shut it down” you’ll know that the guy really means that his website is having problems. Make sense?

 Well the Simpson Fever blog is having bugs too. Like on the Games page, some of the games are not working right. And on the Wath Full Episodes Page, we are currently finding a way for the videos to load faster so that they won’t stall. So now you know why we have not been making many updates on the blog, but trust me, we’ve been making A LOT of updates! You just can’t see them YET.

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