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Cast deal finally Closes

June 4, 2008

 Update: Scroll down to view my new YouTube videos!

Well it’s about time The Simpsons cast finally came through to reach a deal. This debate seriously lasted months! The Simpsons crew and 20th Century Fox closed the deal last weekend. The cast originally wanted to make $500,000 each episode, but instead the deal ended with them making $400,000 an episode. All of your favorites will still be in the cast. The whole Simpsons family (of course) and more Springfield favorites. Sadly, Harry Shearer, (voice of Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders) did not show up for the season 20 table read on Monday because his deal was not closed. That’s the reason why season 20 will only have 20 episodes instead of the normal 22. The same thing happened a few years ago during the start of season 16, so no need to be worried.

Also, many people have been leaving rude comments about the news I put up. So what if I put up one wrong fact. I’m only human. And I am not stealing photos from any other blog. I get my photos directly from Google or Yahoo.

In other news, I finally has enough time to make my own YouTube account! Now I can post MY OWN Simpsons videos on this blog. I already made two. The first on’s pretty good. The second one is not so good. I made it in less than a minute. You can feel my YouTube channel at

The Simpsons Evolution Intro

A Boring Simpsons Slideshow

Update: Be sure to check out season 4 on the Watch Full Episodes Page being posted on June 4th!

~Simpson Fever 🙂

For all your Simpsons needs!

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