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When will the Season 11 Box Set come?

May 31, 2008

A lot of Simpsons fans have been wondering when the season 11 box set will be realeased in stores. We all know it has to be realeased this year but in what month exactly? Rumors are spreading on other Simpsons fan blogs that it may be realeased this August. Nobody knows for sure but we are all wating patiently. As you might already know season 19 of The Simpsons has already ended so that means season 20 is going to start in late August. The Simpsons season 10 box set came out when season 18 ended so I think we have a pretty good chance of looking forward to it being released in August. The right image is not what the box set will look like, I just thought it was a cool picture to use on this post! 😀

~Simpson Fever

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