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Episdode Review “Mona Leaves-a”

May 12, 2008


This episode was mainly about Homer’s mother returning after running away from the government. Mona Simpson stated that she came back to stay with Homer beacuae the government thought she was dead. Homer is happy that she returns, but is mad that she left in the first place. He treats her like a jerk until he finally relizes that he is acting wrong and goes to apoligize. When he goes to say I’m sorry, he finds out that that his mother Mona is dead. Marge finds her will in the attic. It is an old video tape that instructs Homer to climb to the top of a mountain and realease her ashes at exactly 3 pm. Homer does it. He then finds out that Mona somehow knew which directions the ashes were going to blow and the ashes disable a nuclear missle. Homer is outraged that his mother used him for another hippie trick. The missle gets fixed, but Homer soon finds out what harm the missle is going to do. He and his family stop the missle from launching, and Homer releases his mother’s ashes somewhere else.

This episode was dedicated to Dan Catellaneta’s mother. In case you don’t know. Dan is the voice of Homer Simpson. DUH! 🙄 This episode only scored 6.02 million views. Fox expects big numbers out of next week’s Simpsons season 19 finale! The episode will be called, “All About Lisa” This review will be added onto the side bar to the left.

~ SimpsonFever 🙂

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