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Papa Don’t Leach Review and Music Update

April 4, 2008

Please Note: I did not right this review, one of my fans did. Thanks J.W! You can send your show reviews to and I’ll post em’ on the blog! Thanks 🙂

This Simpson episode was very good but not my favorite.  It was fuuny in some parts but some were just weird , well, that what the show is about right!  It was about marg always wanted to be a balarena and wanted Lisa to live her dream.  Lisa found out that she sucked and wanted to know how the others were doing so well.  Their response was that they smoked.  Lisa got adicted to the second hand smoke and then she just fell into the peer presure.  At the major balarena dance thing Homer and Bart took all the other girls cigrets while thay weren’t looking.  It was choas on the stage and they all sucked eggs.  This is probably a 3 1/2 maybe 4 rating.

Music Update: I will be adding music to the blog. Every week there will be a new song. I don’t have a lot of music choices but it’s ok. Soon I will be asking you guys to send in song requests! The song playing now is not the best, but it’s kind of cool. If you want to watch a video and the music is still playing, scroll down and press the pause button on the side bar. It looks like this- Photo coming Soon

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