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November 1, 2009

Yep, we finally did it! We’ve migrated to a self-hosted server with a better layout, and a new domain! This has been the goal of Simpson Fever for over a year and we’re finally glad it happened. On the new site you’ll find all of the old posts, comments, and pages this site featured, along with some brand new never before seen content. So go ahead and check out our new site, leave a comment, and enjoy!


PS, this site will still remain on the web, it will most likely remain un-updated for a while, and will eventually direct to the new site.

Episode Review- Treehouse of Horror XX

October 20, 2009

I’ll sum it up quick for you guys, this year’s Treehouse of Horror was fantastic! I enjoyed each act and was completely entertained all the way through. Best THOH Fox has aired in a few years. This episode was able to rack up 8.59 million viewers this week. Thankfully The Simpsons was the most watched show of Fox’s Animation Domination Sunday night lineup. Family Guy came in second, with a repeated episode, and The Cleveland Show, and American Dad followed.


Episode Review- The Great Wife Hope

October 13, 2009

The best episode of the season so far, funny, clever, and not annoying. But it’s a shame that it got the worst ratings of the season as well. Dangling behind new episodes of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, ‘The Great Wife Hope’ was only able to score 7.55 million viewers. This isn’t actually that bad of a rating, but it’s a shame that an episode this good rated so low last night. As for the other shows on FOX, Family Guy was able to reach 8.8 mil. while The Cleveland Show came in second with 7.79 mil. American Dad finished last again behind all of the shows with 6.7 million viewers.

fighting marge


Marge Simpson, Sarah Wiggum, Edna Krabappel, Luann Van Houten and Bernice Hibbert are out bowling and wonder why there are no men in the alley. Marge discovers that all the men of Springfield, including Homer and Bart, are spending their time viewing the Ultimate Punch, Kick and Choke Championship. When Marge catches Bart engaged in ultimate fighting in the school yard, she convinces her friends to form a protest group. The women picket the ultimate fighting stadium, but this fails to attract attention. Marge enters the arena to denounce ultimate fighting, and the promoter, Chett Englebrick, offers Marge a compromise. He challenges Marge to a match, and if she wins he will shut down ultimate fighting in Springfield. Marge accepts the challenge, believing it to be for the betterment of the community. Her family is horrified, and Homer and Bart try to convince Marge to call off the match. Marge, however, believes the fight is the only way to stop the violence.

Marge then decides to train on her own, practicing rhythmic gymnastics in her backyard. The family then gets Marge fighting instructions in boxing from Drederick Tatum, jujitsu from Akira, and Greco-Roman wrestling from Mr. Burns (who wrestled for Yale under the nick-name “The New Haven Nuisance”). On the day of the match, most of the town is convinced Chett will win, and he knocks Marge out with one punch. Homer leaps to her rescue, but becomes stuck in the stadium chairs. Bart jumps in the ring to continue the fight. When Marge sees Chet hurting Bart, she bursts into a violent fighting rage and easily defeats him. Marge tries to make a speech about how to end violence, noting that she discovered her own dark side through the course of the fight. In spite of her heartfelt speech, the audience has left to witness a drunken brawl in the parking lot. Homer and Marge leave the stadium with the intention to make love, and the episode ends with Bart challenging Lisa to settle their sibling war. They charge towards each other, and the scene is paused—until Lisa knocks Bart on his back.

Marge Simpson hits the cover of Playboy

October 9, 2009

Marge Simpson is going to grace the cover of Playboy magazine. To celebrate The Simpsons 20th anniversary, “The Devil in Marge Simpson” is going to be revealed as she poises for the popular pornography mag.  Marge will be the first ever cartoon character to be on the cover of the magazine and she will star in her own section of three pages of photos. It hits newsstands October 16th.


Season 20 DVDs Coming Out This Year?!

October 8, 2009

the simpsons season 20

This is terribly unbelievable, but you’d better believe it! That’s right, The Simpsons season 20 box set is coming out this year, and in Blu-Ray! The image above is the rumored packaging for the DVDs, but this rumor looks good enough to believe. Last year in the middle of season 20, Fox converted the series into High Definition, and fans responded to this change with praise. They also wondered if the DVDs be be in HD, and Fox listened! This set of episodes is now available to pre-order on Amazon. You can check it out here! As for the actual release date, it hasn’t been mentioned outside of Fox. Keep checking back for additional updates and info concerning this topic.

Episode Review- Bart Gets a ‘Z’

October 6, 2009

teacher's pet

There was a big leap in the rating last night when the episode, “Bart Gets a Z,” aired. With 9.32 million hits, this is the most the Simpsons has seen in a while! As for the review, this episode was pretty good. There was no promotional art for this video, but this episode didn’t need a promo to be good. The jokes were a lot funnier that last week’s episode, and the overall story was fun to follow. Of course it’s typical for Bart to pull a prank and ruin seriously ruin something, but that’s what I love about The Simpsons.
Robert Canning of stated the episode was “…neither hilarious nor incredibly terrible. It’s middle of the road, but has just enough going for it that a fan will enjoy the episode.” What were your thoughts? Leave a comment or vote in our poll below.


The episode opens with Edna Krabappel getting ready to teach, telling herself that it will be a good day, that she will be successful if she can teach one thing to one child. Her positive mood is quashed when her entire class is too distracted by their cell phones to pay attention. She confiscates the devices, much to the dismay of Bart and the other students. Bart and his classmates hold a meeting in the Simpsons’ back yard and decide that Mrs. Krabappel needs to “chill out.” Bart notices that Homer is goofy and easy-going once he’s had a few beers, so the students decide to spike Mrs. Krabappel’s coffee with liquor they steal from their parents.

Once she has consumed a mug of heavily-spiked coffee, Mrs. Krabappel is quickly intoxicated, singing incoherent songs with her class, leading them shrieking and careening through the elementary school halls, and ultimately insulting the school choir, trying to seduce Mr. Largo, and falling off a giant globe in front of the entire school. Principal Skinner is forced to fire her, and immediately replaces her with a hip graduate of Tufts University, named Zachary Vaughn. The students are immediately impressed with Zach, as he calls himself, for he returns their cell phones and teaches them by sending them text messages, “friending” them on Facebook, and giving them assignments to work on Twitter.

Bart raves to his mother about how much fun it is to have Zach as a teacher, but Marge worries about Mrs. Krabappel’s well-being. Bart goes to visit her and is stricken with guilt when he sees her moping in front of the television. Meanwhile, at parent-teacher interview night, Zach tells Homer that he is clearly a caring father. Homer confesses that no teacher has ever told him that before, and he breaks down in inconsolable tears.

Bart and Milhouse meet at a bookstore and decide to get Mrs. Krabappel rehired. They buy a self-help book entitled The Answer, which professes to have all the answers to help someone achieve their dreams by breaking a “big dream” into smaller “dreamables,” and those into even smaller “dreamable actions.” Mrs. Krabappel is initially skeptical, but reveals her dream is to open a muffin shop. Some time in the future, it is revealed that she did open a reasonably successful muffin shop. Bart, upon seeing her success, confesses that he spiked her coffee with alcohol and is responsible for getting her fired. Mrs. Krabappel is furious, tells him that her real dream was to be a teacher, and concludes that Bart is the only kid she has ever met who is “bad on the inside.”

Bart is deeply troubled by Mrs. Krabappel’s statement, and decides to get her job back by spiking Zach’s “Blue Bronco” energy drink with alcohol. He sneaks into the empty classroom, but instead decides to tell Principal Skinner the truth. Principal Skinner is pleased that Bart was honest, but tells him he cannot just rehire Mrs. Krabappel when Zach is doing a good job in her place. Their conversation is suddenly disrupted by a belligerently drunk Zach, who is insulting the school children and telling them they have no future. Principal Skinner asks Bart if he went ahead and spiked Zach’s energy drink, but Zach states that he mixed vodka in his drink by himself. Groundskeeper Willie drags Zach away and Mrs. Krabappel is reinstated. Bart hopes that there will be no hard feelings between Mrs. Krabappel and himself. She responds by making every student in the class eat a very stale muffin, as part of her “muffin-based revenge.”

Episode Review- Homer the Whopper

September 29, 2009

Miss this episode? Click on the image below to watch it.

everyman 1

Well, last night’s season 21 premiere of ‘Homer the Whopper’ was actually a bit of a disappointment, (in my opinion). Also by reading a few short reviews on Twitter by Simpsons fans, others did not seem to like it too much either. It was a bit predictable, The Simpsons have been doing the same thing for years and their act is getting a bit old. They should change things around so that viewers won’t be as bored. Just by looking at the promotional artwork for this episode you can pretty much predict that Homer becomes an actor and plays a superhero. The jokes were also the same for a typical Simpsons episode, moderately funny but not nearly laugh-out-loud funny like last night’s Family Guy episode was. Last night this episode scored a total of 8.21 million views ranking third in the Fox’s Animation Domination Sunday lineup. The season premieres of Family Guy and American Dad hit 10.17 million and 7.12 million, and the series premiere of the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show, hit the 8.42 million viewer mark, just ahead of The Simpsons.


Bart and Milhouse convince Comic Book Guy to publish a comic book he wrote titled Everyman, in which the title character can absorb superpowers from the characters of comic books he touches. The comic becomes an instant hit, and many Hollywood studios become interested in making it into a movie. Comic Book Guy agrees to let Everyman become a movie, but only if he can pick the star. When Comic Book Guy sees Homer, he considers Homer perfect for the role, as he wants Everyman to be played by a middle-aged fat man. But the studio executives realizes that audiences want a physically fit actor for the role, so they hire celebrity fitness trainer Lyle McCarthy to make Homer fit. After a month, Homer becomes fit and the movie begins production.

Soon afterward, however, McCarthy leaves Homer for another client. Without McCarthy to keep him fit, Homer starts eating again and gains all the weight back. Homer can no longer fit into his costume or even his trailer, and the movie begins to go over budget. The studio executives and Comic Book Guy worry that the film will not be successful. The final version of the movie features scenes with the fat Homer and the physically fit Homer merged together, upsetting the audience. After the premier of the film, McCarthy returns and offers to make Homer physically fit again, which Homer accepts. The studio executives offer to let Comic Book Guy direct the sequel, on the condition that Comic Book Guy lie to the fans and say he liked the film. Comic Book Guy rejects the offer and openly criticizes the movie online.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Vote in our poll below!